Our Housing Program

The St. John's Women's Centre offers affordable and supportive housingThe St. John’s Women’s Centre provides affordable and supportive housing for women who might otherwise be at risk. Our existing housing services include:

  • Operating 3 units of affordable housing for women in downtown St. John’s
  •  8 units of supportive housing for women

The following information outlines our selection process.  It is important that applicants (along with support persons or agencies who may be assisting an applicant in this process) review this information before proceeding to our housing application.  If you have any questions, please contact the Program Coordinator at (709) 753-0220.

Resident Profile

Marguerite’s Place Supportive Housing serves women who:

  • Are over the age of 30
  • Are not accompanied by dependants
  • Are not pregnant
  • Are living on low-income
  • Due to circumstances in their lives or to the complexity of their needs, are experiencing difficulty finding or maintaining safe, affordable housing
  • Can commit to a residency of at least one year
  • Are willing to partake in holistic supportive programming

Residents will live one person per unit. It is anticipated that the average/typical length of residency at Marguerite’s Place will be 3 years.  To assist women who are experiencing difficulty finding or maintaining safe housing, holistic supportive programming will be offered to residents.  Through the Individualized Action Planning, staff will work with residents to help them transition to other accommodations following their time at Marguerite’s Place.

Candidate Selection Process

All aspects of the candidate selection process will be guided by two essential principles: community living and participation.  Candidates’ accessibility requirements, possibility of pregnancy, and home care requirements will also be given careful consideration.

  1. Community Living: Developing a harmonious community is essential in order to foster an atmosphere of care, support, and respect between residents, staff, and volunteers. In order to create this kind of community, the Selection Team will consider group dynamics as well as individual assessments.
  2. Participation: Programming is an integral part of what Marguerite’s Place offers to its residents. There will be a continuum of supports and programs that will provide residents with many opportunities to develop and utilize new skills. Successful candidates must demonstrate an interest, a capacity, and a willingness to participate in programming.
  3. Accessibility: All in-house programs are wheelchair accessible. Wherever possible other accessible services will be provided.
  4. Pregnancy: Marguerite’s Place Supportive Housing is only open to adult women who are unaccompanied.  Therefore, if a candidate identifies as being pregnant, she will be deemed ineligible for residency.
  5. Home Care Requirements: Marguerite’s Place is not equipped to provide individuals with medical, palliative, or home care of residents.  Women who require such supports must have these resources arranged through other means before they move to Marguerite’s Place.  Candidates have to be able to live independently and maintain their own living space through prearranged home care if required.

Application Process
Click here to download an application for m for Marguerite’s Place Supportive Housing. The application process involves a candidate obtaining an application package from SJSWC, filing out all sections within the application package, including additional documents (see checklist on application form), and submitting the package via mail or in person to SJSWC.

Women may enter the application process independently. A friend or family member may also assist in the referral/application process.  If a referring agency is involved it is expected that they will be active partners with candidates throughout the application process and during residency where possible.  Referring agencies include (but are not limited to):

  • Community Groups
  • Government Agencies
  • Provincial Organizations

Referring agencies are expected to:

  • Become familiar with admissions criteria and application process
  • Involve the candidate in the application process
  • Offer support to candidates during the application process and residency

Self-Disclosure & Openness

Understanding the experiences and needs of women entering Marguerite’s Place Supportive Housing is crucial to the Selection Team. We expect truthfulness and openness throughout the application process. Disclosures of criminal convictions will not necessarily disqualify a candidate. Letters of support from individuals and/or the community can also be included with an application.

Letters of support are intended to provide insight into the candidate’s individual need for housing as well as her ability to contribute to and benefit from the Marguerite’s Place community and programming.  Letter of support can include:

  • A clear description of the referring agency’s relationship with a candidate indicating how long has the agency been working with the candidate and in what capacity
  • A description of the supports that the referring agency will be able to offer the candidate while she is living at Marguerite’s Place
  • An outline of how the candidate meets the required selection criteria for residency at Marguerite’s Place
  • Helpful context for candidates who have a criminal record