Safe Harbour Outreach Project (S.H.O.P.).


This program provides support for women who engage in sex work or survival sex in St. John’s and surrounding areas.

Connect for non-judgmental supportive services, safety or exit planning, referrals to appropriate agencies, “safer sex” and harm reduction items, legal info, or SWAP supplies.

For more information, please contact Laura (coordinator) at (709)771-7171 or

“Warn Other Workers (WOW)”, is a 24/7 toll free number that sex workers can call to share info about assaults. You can leave an anonymous message with as much detail as possible,  You can also get direct support from a crisis line volunteer.

The WOW line is currently operational.  To access the WOW program, contact NLSAPC’s 24/7 province wide Crisis Line at 1-800-726-2743.

SHOP issues  Open Letter to Premier Paul  Davis

Open Letter to Premier Davis from SHOP